So much more than machining.
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Overall machining
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Interiors So much more than machining.
We offer solutions.

Overall machining
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Cutting tools


We have an extensive, top-quality, highly-productive range available. We provide tools to cover all the needs that the mechanical industry market currently requires.
Milling, lathing, cutting off, grooving, drilling, reaming, and threading are some examples.
We offer the most advanced technology and the necessary resources to ensure that your project is successful. Don’t waste time, allow us to do it for you.


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Tools and accessories


Being competitive is synonymous to being well used.
The machine tool fleet is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and requires adequate tools and accessories. We offer a range adapted to the new technologies: Milling with five axes, lathing with a double headstock, mobile headstock or motorised tools. Mill holders, plier holders, hydraulics, thermals, speed multipliers, high-frequency headstocks, angular headstocks, clamps, magnetic faceplates, lathe faceplates, rotating points or visualisers. We also offer external improvements such as the fitting of swarf extractor fans, automation of processes, or perimeter security closures.


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Additives and lubricants


What is their mission?
Cooling the tool and the piece, lubricating the points of friction, removing the swarf and protecting the machine, the tool and the piece from corrosion. All this is possible thanks to our range of specific products for each application: coolants, lubricants, oils, cleaners and bactericides are just some examples.
We carry out preventative maintenance, we have our own laboratory to analyse and propose the most suitable solution.
We offer control and conservation instruments, refractometers, latest generation dispensers or filtering and cleansing units.


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We are aware of the importance of preciseness and we help you to achieve it.
We have all the metrology instruments required for the measuring process, control and verification of any piece or tool.
We have basic items such as callipers, micrometres, comparators and probes, right through to the most sophisticated technology with microscopes, profilometers, Sclerometers, medical laser apparatus and pre-adjustment machines. We collaborate with official laboratories which allows us to calibrate, certify or carry out mechanical assays and chemical analyses among other things.


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Customised solutions


We can adapt to every need. We work hand-in-hand with you to shape your project. We carry out machining and profitability studies and supply turnkey projects. Our engineering department will study, design and prepare the project that bests adapts to your needs.
Our philosophy is “if it doesn’t exist, we will make it!”.
Don’t waste time, allow us to do it for you.


We are here to provide solutions  ➝

Why are we different?

Our experience and career are our guarantee

We have been working and collaborating with our clients since 1960.
Initially created as a generic supplier to the metallurgical industry, over the years we have specialised in offering overall solutions for machining.

We are here to help

Whenever and whatever you need, we listen to you, we understand you and we work hand-in-hand with you, whatever your need.
Your satisfaction is our commitment.

Human capital

Our most highly appreciated value.
Enthusiasm, effort, dedication, hard work, constancy, honesty, experience and trust.
These are the pillars that make our small company a GREAT COMPANY.



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